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Welcome to Ultima Online - Exodus! We are a highly customized server with features and capabilities beyond any other shard. Exodus is not just another shard amongst hundreds. We are the definition of the Ultima Online world. We don't tease with "new artifacts" or "skill balls". Instead, we offer an entirely new world not seen anywhere else, with hundreds of much stronger, faster, and smarter creatures, who instead of simply existing as cannon fodder, will live, breathe, and survive. There are many new creatures, weapons, and armor to be discovered as well. Perhaps our greatest challenge is that unlike anywhere else, death in Sosaria carries a powerful sting from which one will not soon recover. Here you will have little choice but to forge alliances as well as occasionally exploit them. We have resurrected the challenge, excitement, and fear of classic Ultima Online, with a vengeance, and unleashed it in an entirely new world. Think of us as "Purely Primitive" with much more than a facelift.

You MUST use the custom client download, available to the right, to play on this server.  NO other client will work. If you login and see yourself in the ocean, you need to install OUR client.
The Crier

New Inventions

Lord Stephanos, Jun 24, 11 2:54 AM.

Master alchemists and healers together have discovered a mixture of nightshade and mandrake that can, with skill and luck, raise the dead. This medicine, atropine, is very difficult to produce and administer.

Skilled fletchers, mages, and alchemists have invented new ammunition for bows and crossbows. Magic Arrows are of an enchanted form that are much deadlier. Burst Arrows will explode on impact. Poison arrows and bolts have a much more subtle approach.

Also, a new duel system has been implemented. Use the command [duel to challenge other players on-site for 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4, or 5-on-5 combat. There is no danger of skill loss or equipment loss.

Open the Gates

Lord Stephanos, Jun 14, 11 11:45 PM.

I would like to invite all people from other worlds to make a new home in Sosaria. I will personally see to it that you are well-taken care of. Right now we are offering a unique opportunity to get a head start in this world.

We will honor all of your top seven skills up to 80%, and your stats up to 80 (the skill/stat caps still apply). We will not transfer gold, houses, or items. After two weeks, you will be given a small house of your choosing. A guild transfer requires a minimum of five characters. Each character will be transferred as per the above policy, but the guildmaster will instead receive a tower, and the guild will have a password-protected channel set up in our TeamSpeak server. Send me a private message here and I will give you instructions.

If you bring a friend to Sosaria, you will both receive small houses after two weeks. You and your friend must page the staff in-game for further instructions.

Website Launch

Lord Stephanos, Jun 14, 11 3:32 AM.
We have launched the website. The custom client is available by clicking the link to the right.

We are also hiring staff. See below for available positions and their duties:

Game Master: Behind-the-scenes development, scripting, testing, world building, bug fixing, etc. Almost always remains hidden from the public eye. Possible role-playing opportunities. Requires working knowledge of C#, RunUO, UO game mechanics, XMLSpawner, and building/decorating. Wears red. Reports to the Chief Game Master.

Seer: Administers in-game events and sports. Forms the world's storyline. Often visible to the public. Frequent role-playing opportunities. Oversees the Counselor Program. Requires customer service skills, creativity, and basic knowledge of C#, RunUO scripting, and UO game mechanics. Reports to the Elder Seer.

Counselor: Handles player pages and answers questions. Receives and investigates bug reports. Usually hidden from the public eye. Possible role-playing opportunities. Requires customer service skills and a month of play on UO Exodus. HTML, video editing, and/or graphic design knowledge a plus. Reports to the Senior Counselor.
There are no upcoming events.
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